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Nagano is known as the best wine producing area in Japan having about 30 and more wineries in the prefecture. Twenty wineries or entities producing wines in Nagano will gather on Saturday, April 25, 2020 in Suzaka City. You can enjoy about 40 to 60 Nagano wines at Wine Fair Suzaka. Why don’t you come and sip them and find your favorite style of wine? The event consists of three major events and one related event;

A. Main Event: Wine Fair Suzaka

Date: Saturday, April 25, 2020
Venue: 3F, Silky Hall at Silky Building in front of the Suzaka Station of Nagano Electric Railways.
Admission: 3,500 yen per person including a special wine tasting glass, glass holder, wine tickets of 2,000 yen. Admission ticket is valid for either Part One or Part Two
Part One: 12:30 ~ 14:30
Part Two: 15:30 ~ 17:30

B. Sub Event: Wine Fair Train

Date: Saturday, April 25, 2020
Venue: Yukemuri Train at the Suzaka Station

Operating Hour: 14:10 ~ 15:20
The train runs between the Suzaka Station and Shinshu Nakano Station
You can enjoy wines on board, songs, Photographing with “Hy brikko chan”, a female train character famous from Koumi Line Electric Railways.
1000 yen per person on board when the tarin is operatin

Interested ?

Then please purchase ticket of each event at the official website: click here

How to get there ?

Silky Hall is just a minute walk away from the exit of the Suzaka Station of Nagano Electric Railways(Nagaden). The Suzaka Station is reached by 25 minute train ride from Nagano Station.
From Tokyo: Take Shinkansen (90 minuets) to Nagano and transfer to Nagaden.

A proposed plan to visit the wine event from Tokyo

Day One: Take Shinkansen to Nagano.
Come and join Wine Fair Suzaka. Enjoy Nagano wines. Stay at Suzaka Onsen Kojoso, an onsen inn in Suzaka or at Guest House Kura, a B&B in Suzaka.
Day Two: Take Nagaden to Yudanaka, the terminal.
Then go to Wild Monkey Park to watch “SNOW MONKEYS”! Enjoy local buckwheat noodle (Soba) and return to Tokyo.